Binary Options Brokers With Demo Accounts

Opening a demo account is one of the best ways to try your hand at binary options trading without having to actually risk losing any of your own money, and many brokers now offer this option to potential investors in an attempt to persuade them to register for their services. While some traders think that these accounts are a waste of time, in fact they offer the user many benefits.

The Difference Between A Demonstration Account And A Live Account

A live account allows the investor to immediately execute trades with their own money on the live market. This means that if their trade is not successful, they will make an actual financial loss. Conversely, a demonstration account allows the potential investor to try out various trading approaches with virtual funds, thus putting themselves at no risk of loss. This is very important as it is possible to lose considerable sums when you are an inexperienced trader, and up to 75% of investors make an average of 82 poor trading choices every week due to inattention and impatience.

Binary Options Brokers

Our Rating Payout Percentage Minimum Deposit Link
91% $$10 Visit IQOption
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90% $10 Visit OLYMP TRADE
Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk
85% $200 Visit OptionFair
Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk
85% $5 Visit Ayrex
Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk

Why Open A Demonstration Account?

There are many advantages to opening a demonstration account instead of jumping straight into your first financial commitment. These accounts are a valuable tool for developing or honing skills and learning more about different trading patterns. Although some people think that these accounts are solely beneficial for novice traders, in fact more experienced investors can also benefit from their use in order to develop a greater expertise in the field. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider opening a demonstration account:

Test A New Platform

If you are keen to try out the services of a new broker, a demonstration account is a good way of testing their trading platform and features. It is also a good way to familiarise yourself with their system before committing any of your own funds.

Make Mistakes In A Risk Free Environment

If you want to try out a new trading strategy that you have just learned about, using a demonstration account is a good way to do it without risking your own funds. If you enjoy some success with your method when using virtual money, you may then want to try the same strategy on the open market, but it is better to make a mistake in a risk free environment.

Learn The Basics

If you are brand new to binary options trading, a demo account will help you to gain a foothold in the markets and learn the basics of executing trades. It takes time to become an experienced and successful trader, so starting out with a demonstration account allows you to encounter and get to grips with the various aspects of trading before risking your own money.


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